MOTIV, First of It's Kind!

What exactly is MOTIV all about?  Who can use it?  Why should you use it? How can you become a part of it?  How do we maintain demand?

These questions have been asked not only by us, but by people like you!  Since the beginning of summer 2017, TWD, was only a dream and words exchanged between future partners.  Since March of 2018, TWD, has taken form with our very first trip to a trade show in Vegas and our first clients.  Our vision at TWD is to make a difference in the world not only by providing innovations of business but by helping make life more enjoyable for people worldwide.  

Now back to our questions...  MOTIV is an all inclusive merchandise site stocked only with the highest quality brands.  We found in the car dealership industry they pay upwards of $250 for one customer to walk through their doors!  We all know not everyone walks out of there buying a car and thats where we help. The dealership will contract with us to use "MOTIV" with no monthly or upfront costs.  The dealership is given access to hundreds of products to incentivize their customers.  Once a customer purchases a car they will be guided to our site to claim their free gift or discount code.  The dealership makes a small commission/credit off the product sold to use for future promotional items.  

What happens is the dealership walks away making more money then they would have before and the customer gets a free gift or discounted gift.  There is a win win situation which leaves our clients happy and their customers even happier!  

As a company looking to sell products on "MOTIV" we will hand select which companies work for our platform, some will and some won't.  As a company, having items sold on our site will provide a whole new demographic of customers.  The increase in sales, brand and name recognition will grow significantly!  Its FREE marketing!  

Now, the membership only access is the unique part.  Only specific dealerships are allowed access to our site, this allows us to keep them happy and maintain their loyal customers.  Currently, we work with Young Auto and have a few more well known dealers in the works!  

Below you can see a demo link we share with our potential clients of what their site will look like!


Please feel free to contact us with any questions!