Our Products


  • HOCL: This chemical has many applications.  It has been used largely in the oil and gas industry.  Most of the selling you will be doing is more in line with the janitorial/cleaning industry.  This chemical is non toxic unlike its close cousin, bleach.  It kills 99.99% of all bacteria and is not harmful if you breathe it in, ingest, or get in your eye.  Quickly rinse your eyes out if you do happen to get it in there.  
  • GreenLife:  This chemical is extremely similar to the HOCL chemical.  The only difference is that it has a degreaser capability.  This can be sold to restaurants, auto body shops, etc...  Same qualifications and warning apply as stated in the HOCL description.  


  • Steel Coating:  TBD
  • Concrete Coating: TBD


  • Concrete Fiber: TBD

Amazon Products

  • We have a small list of products we have access to including, LED lights, patio umbrellas, etc...  We will have a more updated list as time goes on and as we discover clients with particular needs.  We have access to an almost limitless amount of product and ideas that you have.