About Us

About Us

  • Our Story: Three average guys that somehow got together to create an idea that will bring success to all in association.  

Pat Lewis, husband, father, and serial entrepreneur who has had multiple companies throughout his life.  All these companies give him experience and wisdom that is great for Tyler and Josh in coaching us as we help him create this business.  

Tyler Bingham, friend, student, and phenomenal salesman.  Tyler has sold with multiple different companies and has people skills that give him great abilities as President of Sales.  He is studying finance at USU and brings a wealth of knowledge, experience, and humor to the bunch.  

Josh McKenna, husband, student, and entrepreneur.  Over a year ago Josh started a watch and tie business, Henle Supply Co., which grew and was sold for a profit months after starting.  He is studying finance at USU and helps bring organizational skills and knowledge of business to the group.  

Pat Lewis has had this idea brewing for YEARS!  Tyler and Josh began dating daughters of his and soon discovered this great idea.  After months of persistence from Tyler and Josh, they were able to convince Pat to let us help him.  Months later we have now built an idea/company(TWD) that we believe will go far beyond our wildest dreams.  The great thing we discovered with our idea is that not only does it fulfill our dreams and goals.  It will also help others, you, achieve their wildest dreams and goals.  Our company name truly does take on Total World Distribution, we want to take our efforts to those less fortunate worldwide.  

  • Our vision for you as salesmen will be to help you achieve your goals.  As we work together we can all learn, grow, and make a difference in the world.  Other than just selling B2B we provide an opportunity to aide you in creating your very own online brand.  Not only will you be making money selling to businesses, you will also now own your own business.  More details to come with this great additional benefit.